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The door design problem, and other adventures

Lately, we’ve been working with a new design problem regarding an old door and some even older coding language. A quick summary of the week: New room and level-design working on the door design problem A side-track in computer networking Adventures in C++ Bunker level-design progress Pretty straightforward work on the old slaving-away at the […]

Graffiti, leveldesign and super plumbers!

Graffiti, leveldesign and super plumbers! We took a break from finishing all the gameplay systems like the one from the last post and made some decals and graffiti! We also worked on level-design as well as overhauling our lightning and quality settings. Lunar Soil contains different types of levels, interior levels like bunkers, ships, moon-bases, satellites, […]

Interactive elements and how you uuh.. interact with them! 

Interactive elements and how you uuh.. interact with them! Lately we have been working on how the player should interact with resources in the world. Those resources can be ores, NPC, arcade machines, doors, switches, machines and so on.   The most simple classical scenario in games is when you a player get close to […]

Editors, gamepad, lava and game-systems

We made a lot of progress on editors, gamepad, lava and  game-systems Editors editors editors! We finished more of our in-editor systems and are now working on implementing all or game-systems. The biggest one is the dialogue-system. It has a build-in node-editor, with that we can freely create complex branching dialogue. We have a lot […]