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The Dead Body Moral, World-creation and Vulkan

This week we worked on solving the dead body problem and its moral consequences, world building/streaming and also took some time with Vulkan. A quick summary of the week: Dead bodies, Maslow’s and The Big Five. World streaming and dungeons. Building placement system. Vulkan rendering. The dead body problem In games death or killing is […]

The door design problem, and other adventures

Lately, we’ve been working with a new design problem regarding an old door and some even older coding language. A quick summary of the week: New room and level-design working on the door design problem A side-track in computer networking Adventures in C++ Bunker level-design progress Pretty straightforward work on the old slaving-away at the […]

Bunker! Walking around in a bunker

Bunker! Walking around in a bunker! This week’s development-time was mostly covered by pushing forward with levels, lights and some really small system-designs. We spent a week inside a stone bunker in space. We are using the strange empty bunker as a pilot for all the new gadgets and things we already made like the […]

Graffiti, leveldesign and super plumbers!

Graffiti, leveldesign and super plumbers! We took a break from finishing all the gameplay systems like the one from the last post and made some decals and graffiti! We also worked on level-design as well as overhauling our lightning and quality settings. Lunar Soil contains different types of levels, interior levels like bunkers, ships, moon-bases, satellites, […]